Welcome to the Ninja Forms Demo Site! This site has been built to allow you to test almost every feature of Ninja Forms and all of its extensions. Using the login information you’ll find below, you can add new forms, modify existing forms, and much more. By default, you’ll find demos of our various extensions in action: multi-part forms, conditional logic forms, save progress forms, etc. If you don’t find the default forms, pages, or posts mentioned in this introduction, another user has made some modifications. Don’t worry, though, because the site resets to default settings every hour. We encourage you to read through the rest of the information on this page, and then try all the Ninja Forms features for yourself. Feel free to create pages, posts, or anything else that you want while testing the plugin out. Again, the site returns to factory default settings every hour, so don’t worry about breaking anything.

Login Credentials

There are two accounts that can be used to explore these features:

username: demoadmin / password: ninjaformsdemo
username: demouser / password: ninjaformsdemo

As the names imply, these accounts are slightly different. The demo-admin account will allow you to create pages, posts, Ninja Forms, and Novels, change Ninja Forms settings, etc. The demo-user account will let you see how things appear if a subscriber is logged into your site, so that you can test front-end post editing, login, etc. from a user perspective.

Custom Post Type

For this demo site, we’ve created a custom post type called “Novels,” along with a few custom taxonomies to go with it: “genre,” “author,” and “series.” This will allow you to test the way that Ninja Forms can interact with custom post types. Keep in mind, however, that this is probably the simplest integration possible, and we aren’t doing anything really fancy with the output of this custom post type. By default, there is a form in the page list that will allow users to submit a “Novel Review.” This form creates a new post within “Novels” and sets it as a draft. This can be changed to automatically publish by modifying the review form using the demo-admin login.


For security purposes, there are a few things that this site won’t let you do with Ninja Forms or any of the Extensions:

  1. WP-Admin dashboard. When you login as demo-admin, you’ll notice that you only have access to a handful of menu items. This isn’t a restriction of NInja Forms, but it is instead a security measure we’ve implemented on this demo site.
  2. Send emails. We wanted to create a demo site, not an email spambot, so this installation of Ninja Forms won’t be sending any emails.
  3. Modify user accounts. I think you can see why it would be dangerous to let anonymous internet users modify the accounts and restrictions we have placed on this demo site.
  4. User registration. Just like with the above, we need to control who can access the site, so we’ve disabled the ability of the Front-End Editor extension to create new users.